I am nothing but what I make of myself. I am successful because of your successes. I wouldn't have it any other way.

My name is Scott Saporiti, I am the CEO and creative director of Sapori Stationery. I enjoy creative processes by which my brain connects with possibility and I am able to envision a design that encompasses the nature of the challenge. Some would call me a problem-solver, others solutions-oriented. I call myself blessed to be able to do what I do successfully.

I have 25+ years of agency, production, corporate and non-profit experience with scars and awards to show for it. I have branded people, companies, events and weddings, even my own recently.

I would like to design for you when you are ready. Please review my portfolio at saporidesigns.com.

By the way… Are you wondering what Sapori means? The word Sapori is Italian for "taste".


We discuss your design needs, ‘the look, the feel’, materials, time frame and budget. This is a free service.


We discuss your design needs, ‘the look, the feel’, materials, time frame and budget.


To begin work on your order, We require a 50% non-refundable deposit and signed estimate.


This component is very important because it drives the success of the product, time frame and budget.


We begin designing when we have received all of the information and content for the products being created. This will be shown on the timeline. If there are delays in receiving the information, the time frame generally adjusts as well.

Sapori will send over the agreed upon number of initial design proofs and two rounds of revisions. Extra rounds will be at an additional cost. All final approvals must be in writing.


We accept all types of credit cards, PayPal, etc. You will receive an electronic invoice for the deposit and the balance due.